photo by Paweł Pioch

I’m energy, in a state that appears solid.  The atoms that seem to form me are just more concentrated in the spot I am, and slightly difuse themselves into the surroundings.

I’m trying to live the here and now. To breathe in, knowing that I am breathing in. To breathe out, knowing that I am breathing out. I find lots of distractions from that. But fewer than in the past years.

I dream of land and regeneration. I dream of sharing that dream, of sharing my atoms, of realising that I am, like anyone, one with this Earth.

I’m a trained ecologist, worked on evolution of conflict for a decade or two, as a lab manager, and as a lab assistant (in that order). Lived in a huge modern flat, then in a still large old one, now in a tent, or wherever I am welcome and can lend a hand.

I garden and grow veg, but I am not a gardener. I design projects and things, but I am not a designer. I give massages, but a I’m not a masseuse. I translate and edit texts, but I’m neither a translator nor an editor. I teach, yet I’m not a teacher. I have made thousands of photos, but I am not a photographer. I draw and paint and illustrate, carve and build and work with beads and stones, dance and sing and write… I’m however not an artist.

I’m a human being, an animal, like anyone else.