three times woolly warm… winter permaculture hacks

When people ask “what is permaculture?”, it is tempting to regurgitate the beautiful and deep definitions of so many big thinkers.  Yet, I have the feeling that such depth brings with it the idea that permaculture—and sustainability, while we’re at it—has to be something large, a 100% perfect solution to our environmental and food problems.  Well, it isn’t.   And, chances are, you have been doing all sort of permaculture things unawares!  Just like this winter hack…

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A journey into Mindfulness, #1: Sleepiness

And that moment like a leaf on a stream unaware of the place behind that stone where the water suddenly speeds up. Like falling, gently and inevitably, on a cloud.

It’s been a while since I started a “formal” practice of Mindfulness. I remember those first weeks, those first meditations, as a time of awake exploration and mostly, well, thrill. Even in the midst of a stressful life and little time, I don’t recall feeling particularly sleepy while, for instance, going through a body scan, that very tough test for our alertedness. But that was soon to change. Read more